SERVICE TIME | Sundays @ 10:00am
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What is Next?

N : Introduce our kids to the creator

E : Empower Parent to lead their children

X : Experience God Together as a family

T : Trust God no matter what


We want to give our kids a first hand encounter with

  • A God who made them
  • A God who loves them
  • A Hero who want to be their friend forever


Everything we do is designed to empower parents. Engage them at whatever Phase they are in and impress on them the importance of partnering with the church. We want parents to be actively engage in every phase of their kids lives.


If kids do what they see more than what they hear, we need to model for them and with them. Families should play together, pray together, serve together and worship together.


At the end of the day we want kids, teens and adults to understand that they can trust God NO MATTER WHAT!